Case Report

Pancreas as Delayed Site of Metastasis from Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

Table 1

Cases of pancreatic metastasis secondary to papillary thyroid carcinoma reported from 1991 to 2012.

AuthorAgeFrom time of initial treatmentVariantTreatmentSurvival after diagnosis of pancreatic metastasis

Zhu et al. [4]NANATall cellSurgical resectionNA

Sugimura et al. [5]53 years 7 years after TT + RAIClassicalSurgical resectionNA

Jobran et al. [6]53 years maleNATall cellSurgical resectionNA

Angeles-Angeles et al. [7]72 years maleNAClassicalSurgical resectionNA

Borschitz et al. [8]34 years female 9 years after TT + RAIClassical Surgical resection  42 months
46 years male2 years after TT + RAIFollicular

Chen and Brainard [9]82 years male5 years after TT + RAIClassicalSurgical resectionNA

Alzahrani et al. [10]56 years male6 years after TT + RAIClassicalSorafenib20 months

Present case67 years7 years after TT + RAITall cellSurgical resection and RAIAlive at 32 months

TT: total thyroidectomy, RAI: radioactive iodine therapy, NA: not mentioned.