Table 1: Patients’ characteristics.

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3

Basic information

Age at dg. (years)595772
Cytogenetics46, XY [21]46, XX [20]46, XY [18]
TD (TU/months)33
ESP treatment++
Dg.-AZA (months)1714
No. of AZA cycles4113

Counts at diagnosis

Hb (g/L)708673
WBC (109/L)11.443.985.81
Monocytes (109/L)4.631.462.54
PLT (109/L)11411209
PB-blasts (%)0511

Counts (4 AZA cycles)

Hb (g/L)85121
WBC (109/L)6.696.22
Monocytes (109/L)0.683.03
PLT (109/L)164126
PB-blasts (%)03


Transfusion independency (>8 weeks)AZA-reduced, bridging treatment before ASCT → progression to AML on AZA therapy13 cycles of AZA → progression to AML

AZA: 5-azacytidine (Vidaza, Celgene); IPSS: international prognostic scoring system; TD: transfusion dependency; TU: transfusion unit; ESP: erythropoiesis-stimulating protein; Hb: haemoglobin; WBC: white blood cells; PLT: platelets; PB-blasts: peripheral blood blast counts; ASCT: allogeneic stem cell transplantation.