Table 1: Clinical course and cytogenetic abnormalities of the patient.

Time03 months6 months8 months12 months12 months

Clinical courseAcute
Induction chemoRelapseReinduction chemo + allo-HCTCNS relapseSystemic relapse
TreatmentHydroxyureaCytarabine + mitoxantroneCytarabine + mitoxantrone + allo-HCT (Flu/Mel/alemtuzumab) Intrathecal methotrexate + hydrocortisone; cranial radiationCytarabine + Etoposide
Bone marrow biopsyt-AML, 91% blastsCR1Recurrent
t-AML, 53% blasts
40% blasts
Karyotype46XY, inv(9)c, t(10;11)46XY, inv(9)c46XY, inv(9)c, 20%; 46XY, inv(9)c, t(10;11), 75%46XY, 100% donor46XY, inv(9)c, t(10;11)