Case Report

Iatrogenic Spinal Subdural Hematoma due to Apixaban: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Table 1

Characteristics of the cases of nontraumatic spontaneous spinal subdural hematoma secondary to NOACs.

Author [reference]Sex, ageTopographyType of drug, doseIndication of anticoagulationSymptomTreatmentOutcome

Castillo et al. [2]M, 69 yrsThoracolumbarRivaroxaban, 20 mg/dayAtrial fibrillationLumbar pain, paraplegia, sphincter dysfunctionCervical and lumbar drainageNo improvement
Dargazanli et al. [3]M, 72 yrsThoracicRivaroxaban, 20 mg/dayAtrial fibrillationAcute interscapular pain, paraplegiaProthrombin complex, surgeryNo improvement at 6 months
Zaarour et al. [4]F, 58 yrsCervicothoracicRivaroxaban, 20 mg/dayAtrial fibrillationAcute interscapular pain, weakness of lower extremitiesHigh-dose steroids, surgeryImportant improvement but not complete
Present caseF, 75 yrsCervical-dorsal-lumbar-sacralApixaban 2.5 mg/12 hAtrial fibrillationAcute paraparesis (left side predominant)High-dose steroids, two surgical operationsPartial improvement at 1 month after the second operation