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Case Report

Successful Antimicrobial Treatment of Phlegmonous Gastritis: A Case Report and Literature Review

Table 1

Pertinent findings from our review of 25 case reports.

Author/YearSexAgeCause/risk factorSymptomsPathogen/sDiagnosisIntervention/managementComplicationsResult

Ajibe H, 2008M74Endoscopic submucosal dissection for gastric adenocarcinomaEpigastric pain, feverCitrobacter freundii, Enterobacter cloacae, and StreptococcusCT, EGD, EUSAntibiotics, total gastrectomyNilDischarge
Alonso et al., 2013 [7]F55NoneChest painStreptococcus pyogenesCTAntibiotics, endoscopic abscess drainageNilDischarge
Fan JQ, 2013M65Esophagectomy for esophageal adenocarcinomaFever, dyspneaNilCT, EGDAntibioticsNilDischarge
Flor-de‐Lima F, 2015M7Acute tonsillitisEpigastric pain, nausea, vomitingStreptococcus pneumoniae, EBVCT, EGD with biopsyAntibioticsNilDischarge
Guo et al., 2009 [3]M57CML, myeloid sarcomaDyspnea, chest pain, abdominal pain, fatigueVRECT, EGD with biopsy, autopsyAntibioticsUpper GI bleedDeath
Huang et al., 2017 [5]F60Uncontrolled DMFever, fatigue, chest painPseudomonas, KlebsiellaCT, EGDAntibiotics, surgery (not gastrectomy)Hypopharyngeal abscess, esophageal perforationDischarge
Ishigami T, 2008M70NoneFever, abdominal painMDR StreptococcusEGDAntibioticsNilDischarge
Itonaga M, 2012F70EUS-FNA for pancreatic tumorFever, abdominal painAlpha-hemolytic StreptococcusCt, EGD, EUSAntibioticsNilDischarge
Kato et al., 2015 [1]M64DM, chronic pancreatitisEpigastric pain, nauseaPeptostreptococcusCT, EGD with biopsyAntibiotics, EUS-guided pseudocyst drainageNilDischarge
Kim BY, 2017M51Ankylosing spondylitisNausea, vomitingNilCT, EGDAntibioticsNilDischarge
Kim et al., 2010 [9]M48Alcoholism, uncontrolled DMFever, chest pain, abdominal pain, dyspneaKlebsiella spp.EGDAntibiotics, surgery (not gastrectomy)Bilateral pleural effusionsDischarge
Kim et al., 2016 [2]M74Alcoholic cirrhosis, DM, recent EGD, gastric adenocarcinomaAbdominal pain, vomitingNilCT, EGD with biopsyAntibioticsNilDischarge
Kim NY, 2011M66NoneEpigastric pain, nausea, vomitingKlebsiella, AcinetobacterCT, EGD with biopsyAntibioticsNilDischarge
Liu YJ, 2013M84Colon cancer, prostate cancerFever, nausea, vomitingPolymicrobial (gram positive and gram negative organisms)CT, exploratory laparotomy gastric biopsyAntibiotics, gastrectomyNilDischarge
Matsumoto H, 2015M74Myelofibrosis, multiple myeloma, neutropeniaEpigastric pain, nauseaBacillus spp.CT, EGDAntibioticsSepsis, disseminated intravascular coagulationDeath
Min et al., 2014 [6]F51Gastric ulcerAbdominal painStreptococcus pyogenesCT, exploratory laparotomyAntibiotics, total gastrectomyGastric submucosal dissectionDischarge
Morimoto et al., 2014 [4]M77DM, gastric ulcersFever, nausea, vomitingGroup A StreptococcusCTAntibioticsDeath
Nomura K, 2015F80NoneEpigastric pain, vomitingEnterobacter cloacae and Enterococcus faeciumCT, EGD with biopsyAntibiotics, total gastrectomy (worsening gastric strictures)NilDischarge
Paik DC, 2010M45Recent paranasal sinus surgeryAbdominal pain, nausea, vomitingStreptococcus pyogenesCT, exploratory laparotomy EGDAntibioticsRespiratory failure, renal failure, coagulopathyDischarge
Park CW, 2010F73Gastric outlet narrowingEpigastric pain, abdominal distensionE. coli, AcinetobacterCT, EGD with biopsyAntibiotics, pyloric stentNilDischarge
Rada-Palomino et al., 2014 [8]M62HIVEpigastric pain, hematemesis, diarrheaStreptococcus pyogenesCT, EGD with biopsyAntibioticsNilDischarge
Saito M, 2012F55ALLNeutropeniaBacillus spp.CT, EGD with biopsyAntibioticsNilDischarge
Sakata T, 2011F63NoneFeverNone reportedCT, EGD with biopsyAntibiotics, drainageNilDischarge
Shiozawa K, 2009M62Uncontrolled DMEpigastric painNone reportedCTAntibiotics, drainageNilDischarge
Munroe CA, 2010M58Chronic hepatitis BEpigastric pain, nausea, feverAlpha-hemolytic StreptococcusCT, EGD, EUS with biopsyAntibiotics, aspirationNilDischarge

CML: chronic myeloid leukemia; DM: diabetes mellitus; HIV: human immunodeficiency virus; ALL: acute lymphoblastic leukemia; EBV: Epstein-Barr virus, VRE: vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus; MDR: multidrug resistance; Strep: Streptococcus; EUS: endoscopic ultrasound; CT: computed tomography; EGD: esophagogastroduodenoscopy; FNA: fine needle aspiration.

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