Case Reports in Hematology / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

An Unusual Cause of Epistaxis: Paranasal Sinus Myeloid Sarcoma

Table 1

Known cases of head and neck myeloid sarcoma reported within the literature. There are no reported cases with disease confined to the paranasal sinuses [10].

Case no.Age (yr)/genderMyeloid sarcoma sitePresentationBone marrow disease

177/FTongueTongue lesionYes
255/MMandibleJaw painYes
347/FTonsils, base of tongueSore throatYes
46/1MTonsilThroat painYes
525/MEye, parotid and submandibular glandBulging of right eyeYes
679/MCutaneous cheek and eyelid lesionSkin lesionsYes
765/FLipLip massYes
863/MCutaneous cheek lesionPimpleYes
980/MCutaneous eyelid, forehead lip lesionSkin rashNo
1055/MGingiva, maxillaGingival massYes
1121/MTonsilEnlarged tonsilYes
1248/MMandible, maxillaUnknownYes
1377/MMaxilla, alveolusMouth pain, dyspnea, fatigueYes
1456/MMandibleBlasts in bloodYes
1585/FLipLip and skin lesionYes
1669/MMiddle turbinate (intranasal)Sinus pain and pressureYes
1717/MCutaneous cheek lesions, breast massSkin lesion and breast massNo