Table 1: Clinical and immunological features of patients with Anti-NMDAR encephalitis.

IDSex, Age (y/o)Clinical featuresCSF1st brain MRIAnti- NMDARAutoimmunityTumor pathology

P1F, 29Anterograde amnesiaCell: 13Normal(+) CSF and serumANA 1/160Mature ovarian
cystic teratoma
MyocloniasProt: 0.48ENAS (-)
Auditory hallucinationsOB: Negative

P2F, 27Anterograde amnesia 
Tonic-clonic seizure
Cell: 15Normal(+) CSF and serumANA 1/640Immature Teratoma
Stage IA
Prot: 0.03ENAS (+)
OB: NegativeAnti Ro (+)

P3F, 33Anterograde amnesiaCell: 159Cortical hyperintensity
in uncus and hippocampus
(+) CSF and serumNegativeMature ovarian
cystic teratoma
DyskinesiaProt: 1.16
Sialorrhea and tachycardiaOB: mirror pattern
Tonic seizure

P4F, 27Anterograde amnesiaCell: 158Normal(+) CSF and serumNegativeMature ovarian
cystic teratoma
Tonic seizureProt: 1.03
DelusionsOB: Negative

P5F, 24Anterograde amnesiaCell: 11Normal(+) CSF and serumNegativeMature ovarian
Lability of blood pressureProt: 0.42
Complex partial seizuresOB: Negative

P6F, 17Anterograde amnesia 
Cell: 17Normal(+) CSF and serumNegativeBilateral mature
ovarian cystic
Prot: 0.21
OB: Negative

Cell: cells/mm3; Prot: g/L.