Case Reports in Infectious Diseases / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Native Valve Endocarditis due to Veillonella Species: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Table 1

Cases of endocarditis due to Veillonella species.

Age/genderValve involvedType of valveOrganismAntibioticsSurgeryMicrobiologic and clinical cure

(1)  [6]35/MMitralNativeVeillonella alcalescensPenicillin G, sulfadiazine, heparin, and para-aminohippurate for 18 monthsNoYes

(2)  [8]60/MAorticNativeVeillonella alcalescensCephapirin and gentamicin (2 weeks) and oral penicillin V for 6 monthsYesYes

(3)  [5]57/FMitralProstheticVeillonella disparAmpicillin 2 weeks and clindamycin and metronidazole 2 weeksYesYes

(4)  [12]NAMitral, aortic, and tricuspidNAVeillonella parvulaClindamycinNoYes

(5)  [13]51/MMitralProstheticVeillonella alcalescensPenicillin G for 6 weeksYesYes

(6)  [4]56/MMitralProstheticVeillonella disparPenicillin G for 6 weeksNoYes

(7)  [7]49/MMitralProstheticVeillonella parvulaMetronidazole for 6 weeksYesYes

(8)  [9]75/FMitral and aorticNativeVeillonella montpellierensisAmoxicillin (6 weeks) and gentamicin (3 weeks)NoInformation not available

(9)  Present work76/MMitralNativeVeillonellaCeftriaxone for 6 weeksNoYes

M: male; F: female; NA: not available.