Table 1: Cases of breast infection caused by Mycobacteria reported in the literature.

CaseAuthor, yearAge/ sexArea (race)PresentationSurgeryOrganismLength of therapyOutcome

1Trupiano, 200117/fAmericanMassResectionM. abscessusNoneComplete response
2Jacobs, 200235/fGermanMassOpen biopsyM. holsaticum, M. agricund, M. brurnae10 daysComplete response
3Lewis, 200429/fAmericanMassCore needle and open biopsyM. fortuitum6 monthsComplete response
4Bengualid, 200817/fAmericanAbscessIncision and drainageM. fortuitum6 to 12 monthsRelapse after 3 months
5Yasar, 201138/fTurksMassFine needle aspirationsM. abscessus4 monthsComplete response
6Betal, 201151/fCaucasianAbscessIncision and drainageM. fortuitum6 monthsComplete response
7Abbass, 201421/fCanadianMassAspirationM. fortuitum6 monthsComplete response
8Present study, 201629/fChineseMassCore needle and open biopsyM. abscessus1 yearComplete response