Case Reports in Infectious Diseases / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Case Report

Urinary Catheter Colonization by Multidrug-Resistant Cedecea neteri in Patient with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Table 3

β-Lactamases and other β-lactam resistance proteins encoded in the Cedecea neteri SSMD04 genome.

Locus tagsAnnotated gene productsMolecular classCoding genesSequence signatures (amino acid positions)

JT31_00700Metallo-β-lactamaseBblaMBLT-H-x-H-x-D-H-x-G-G (128–137)

JT31_03975Metallo-β-lactamaseBS-x-x-K (72–75)§

JT31_07450Muropeptide transporter, β-lactamase induction signal transducerNAampGMajor Facilitator Superfamily (MFS) domains (17–366, 319–481)

JT31_10465LysR family transcriptional regulatorNAampRHTH domain (8–67); LysR substrate-binding domain (91–289)

JT31_10470β-LactamaseCampCS-x-S-K (85–88)
Y-A-N (171–173)
S-D-N-K (308–311)
K-T-G (336–338)

JT31_16535Metallo-β-lactamaseBblaMBLH-x-H-x-D-H (156–161)

JT31_22070Metallo-β-lactamaseBblaMBLH-x-H-x-D-H (131–136)

JT31_22350β-LactamaseA/DS-x-x-K (144–147)

KEGG Genome database, Cedecea neteri strain SSMD04 ( The molecular classification of β-lactamases is based on the primary amino acid sequence of these enzymes (also known as the Ambler classification scheme). For a review, see [19]. NA, not applicable. Sequence signature contains the core H-X-H-X-D motif characteristic of class B β-lactamases, but also contains additional residues reported in [20] that constitute an expanded motif specific to metallo-β-lactamases. §Only one conserved sequence element was identified in the deduced amino acid sequence of ORF JT31_03975. Motif S-X-X-K is characteristic of class A and D β-lactamases. The absence of the conserved zinc ion interaction domain (H-X-H-X-D) suggests that this ORF may encode a novel metallo-β-lactamase or a variant class A or D β-lactamase. Proposed gene name for this C. neteri SSMD04 ORF based on sequence analysis (this study).