Case Report

Liver Injury with Features Mimicking Autoimmune Hepatitis following the Use of Black Cohosh

Table 1

Current case studies: clinical features and medications.

Clinical featuresCase 1Case 2

Age (years)4253
SignsMild icterusIncreased LFTs
SymptomsProgressive malaise, nauseaRUQ** abdominal pain, fatigue
Vomiting, dizzinessLower extremity edema
Stigmata of CLDAbsentAbsent

MedicationsBlack cohoshOTC with soy and black cohosh

IndicationMenopausal symptomsMenopausal symptoms
DoseNot specifiedNot specified
Duration6 months8 months

Other medicationsLevothyroxineDicyclomine; NSAID

IndicationHyperthyroidismGI cramps; pain
Dose0.05 mg dailyNot specified
DurationChronicAs needed

LFTs: Liver function tests.
RUQ: Right upper quadrant.
CLD: Chronic liver disease.
OTC: Over the counter drug.
NSAID: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.