Case Report

Prehospital Use of the Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway in Patients with Severe Polytrauma: A Case Series

Table 1

Summary of clinical findings.

Pre-iLMA insertion
CaseGenderAge (yrs)Time trapped (+journey time to hospital) (mins)Sedation given (IV Midazolam)GCSRR (b/min)Systolic BP (mmHg)Pulse (b/min)SpO2  % (pre- iLMA)SpO2  % (post- iLMA)iLMA used to facilitate tracheal intubation (TI)ISSPs%Survived to discharge from hospital

AM5860 (+47)Yes (5 mg bolus)8/15 (Combative)24>806880100Yes (in ED at hospital)3057Yes
BF4875 (+6)Yes (5 mg bolus ×2)14/1525>8011088 (off O2)100Yes (following failed RSI under direct laryngo-scopy in ED)2296Yes
CF5945 (+8)Yes (5 mg bolus)3/1540<8011882100Yes (in ED)593Yes
DM4320 (+7)No3/156<80PEANo readingNo readingNo (iLMA removed in ED then TI by direct laryngo-scopy)576No
EM1990 (+21)Yes (2.5 mg bolus)3/1533<80160 (cardiac monitor)7791 (post-iLMA and post-TI)Yes (in ambulance)3425Yes