Case Report

Prehospital Use of the Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway in Patients with Severe Polytrauma: A Case Series

Table 2

Advantages of the iLMA for emergency prehospital care.

1Insertion and ventilation can be achieved easily by persons with minimal training [1418].
2Functions as a rescue airway device in its own right.
3Laryngoscopy unnecessary.
4Neutral alignment of head & neck a prerequisite for insertion.
5Requires an interdental gap of only 20 mm.
6Neuromuscular blockade not required for insertion.
7Can be introduced blindly with one hand from any position.
8No need to insert a finger into patient’s mouth.
9Rigid airway tube resists occlusion by biting.
10Facilitates seamless progression to tracheal intubation.
11Permits ventilation between/during intubation attempts.
12Available as a disposable single-use device.