Table 1

ReferenceYearAge/SexCystic fibrosisDays to onset of symptomsDATIgGC3Reported presentationTreatmentOutcome

Thicket et al. [7]199934/FemaleYes13+NRNRAA, HU, NTransfusion, steroids, folate, Pip-Tazo discontinuedSurvived
Arndt et al. [4]200229/MaleYes11+++AATransfusion, Pip-Tazo discontinuedSurvived
Arndt et al. [4]200237/MaleYes12+Weak+Weak+AA, HU, RSTransfusion, delayed Pip-Tazo discontinuationDied
Seder and Zuckerman [3]200633/FemaleYes7+++AA,HU, NTransfusion, Pip-Tazo discontinued, steroids, immunoglobulinSurvived
Johnson et al.  [8]199446/MaleNo7+++AANRNR
Audeh and Wehrli [9]200246/FemaleNo7-9++ AANRDied
Shirey et al. [10]200562/FemaleNoNR++ AA, HU, RS, NTransfusion, Pip-Tazo discontinuedSurvived
Mohammed and Greer [11]200558/MaleNo2+++AATransfusion, Pip-Tazo discontinuedSurvived
Shirey et al. [12]200768/femaleNo1++Weak+AA, HUTransfusion, Pip-Tazo discontinuedSurvived
Garcia Gala et al. [13]200955/maleNo6++NRAATransfusion, Pip-Tazo discontinuedSurvived

AA = Acute anemia
HU = Hemoglobinuria
NR = Not reported
N = Nausea and/or vomiting
Pip-Tazo = Piperacillin-Tazobactam
RS = Respiratory symptoms.