Figure 2: images of patient Y.P. and Takayasu’s arteritis (a) Patient Y.P. MRA of abdomen and pelvis from 04/01/2009. 3D angiogram showing thoracic aortic stenosis at the level of the descending aorta and abdominal aortic stenosis. Stenosis of the left renal artery is also identified. (b) Patient Y.P. Carotid CT-Angiogram of the neck from 01/07/2010. 3D angiogram showing striking left common carotid artery stenosis. (c) Patient Y.P. Carotid Ultrasound with Doppler flow imaging from 12/02/2009. Figure shows a severe left common carotid artery stenosis of 70%. (d) Patient Y.P. renal ultrasound from 11/04/2009. Figure shows a normal sized left kidney measuring 12.2 cm. (e) Patient Y.P. renal ultrasound with Doppler flow imaging from 11/04/2009. Figure shows left renal artery stenosis by Doppler velocity measurement showing an abnormal resistive index of 0.59 and velocity of 182 cm/s fulfilling one of two criteria for left renal artery stenosis.