Table 1: Clinical summary of three Hispanic patients with Takayasu’s arteritis.

Patient IDAge/genderMajor criteriaMinor criteriaOther factors

J.S.37 F(+bruits)(+bruits)23+trace AR++?
Y.P.27 F21+++++
M.R.44 F50–74+++++

(Age: note age is age at time of diagnosis of Takayasu's arteritis) Major Criteria: LSS: left subclavian artery stenosis, RSS: right subclavian artery stenosis minor criteria: AA/AE: abdominal aortic lesion/aortic ectasia, AR: aortic regurgitation, BCT: brachiocehpalic trunk arterial lesion, CC tender: common carotid tenderness, ESR: erythrocyte sedimenation rate, HTN: hypertension, L.CCA: left common carotid artery lesion, PA: pulmonary artery lesion, Th.A: thoracic aortic lesion other factors: Calc: calcifications, Rad: radiation therapy exposure, TB: tuberculosis, UC: ulcerative colitis, ?: questionable, + present, − absent.