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Case Report

Dentigerous Cyst or Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor: Clinical Radiological and Histopathological Dilemma

Table 1

Clinical data of the reported cases of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) arising from a dentigerous cyst in children and adolescents.


Valderrama [7]16 femalesFilipinoUnilocular radiolucency 14 crown surroundedMaxilla
Warter et al. [8]8 malesNigerianUnilocular radiolucency 13 crown surroundedMaxilla
Tajima et al. [9]15 malesJapaneseA well-defined radiopaque mass Crown of unerupted 28Maxillary sinus
Garcia-pola et al. [10]12 males Spanish Unilocular radiolucency23 crown Maxilla
Bravo et al. [11]14 malesNot statedUnilocular radiolucency 23 crown surroundedMaxilla
Chen et al. [12]18 malesChineseUnilocular radiolucency 23 crown surroundedMaxilla
Nonaka et al. [13]13 males Not stated Unilocular radiolucency23 crownMaxilla
Present case14 males Asian Unilocular radiolucency13 crownMaxilla