Table 3: Investigations of the patient at readmission.

TSH (mIU/L) <0.001 Urine R/E 2–6 pus cells/HPF, RBC-present
FT4 (ng/dL) (0.89–1.7) 10.2 ng/dL Urine culture No growth on two occasions
T3 (nmol/L) (1.25–2.74) >9.24 nmol/L Blood culture No growth
TC (total count) (per cm)16250 X-ray chest PA view Normal
DLC (differential leucocytic count)Neutrophilia 2D echo Normal
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)106 mm after the end of 1st hour USG abdomen Mild hepatomegaly, no evidence of chronic hepatitis, no evidence of cholangitis
C reactive protein (CRP) (0–10 mg/dL)58
S. bilirubin (Total) (mg/dL) 30.2
Conjugated (mg/dL) 26.3 Malaria parasite Negative
Unconjugated (mg/dL) 4.23 Widal test Negative
AST (U/L) 96 PBS study No abnormal or immature cells seen
ALT (U/L) 61 HBS Ag, anti-HCV
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis E-IGM
Serum alkaline phosphatase (U/L) 151 ANA 42 IU (weakly positive)
S. albumin (g/dL) 2.3 S. ammonia Normal
Prothrombin time (sec)15.3
S. Na+ (mmol/L) 138
S. K+ (mmol/L) 3.1