Table 1: Comparison of AB and SD performances for neuropsychological tests. Normative data are indicated as mean and standard deviation, raw scores, or percentiles. Insufficient values are indicated in bold characters.

Test/scoreABSD Norms

Reduced Wechsler Intelligence Test
 IQ104109100 ± 15
Wechsler Memory Scale-revised (WMS-R)
 Attention/concentration index7674100 ± 15
Computerised attention test battery
 Tonic alertness without warning tone5%le46%le>15%le
 Tonic alertness with warning tone4%le69%le>15%le
 Phasic alertness21%le82%le>15%le
 Divided attention1%le7%le>15%le
Executive function
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (Nelson form)
 Nonperseverative errors1277 ± 5
 Perseverative errors1417 ± 5
 Categories365.6 ± 1.1
Tower of Hanoi (3-disc version)
 Number of moves2477
Mood and affect
Beck Depression Inventory
 Sum score107<17
Anterograde memory
Wechsler Memory Scale-revised (WMS-R)
 WMS-R indexes
  General memory6875100 ± 15
  Verbal memory6076100 ± 15
  Visual memory8981100 ± 15
  Delayed recall5686100 ± 15
 WMS-R subtests
  Digit span, forwards69%le34%le>15%le
  Digit span, backwards2%le2%le>15%le
  Block tapping, forwards5%le50%le>15%le
  Block tapping, backwards11%le2%le>15%le
  Logical memory, immediate2%le16%le>15%le
  Logical memory, delayed3%le21%le>15%le
  Visual reproduction, immediate42%le19%le>15%le
  Visual reproduction, delayed10%le27%le>15%le
  Verbal paired associate learning
   Immediate (number of pairs/trials)4/68/68/3
   Delayed (number of pairs)177
  Visual paired associate learning
   Immediate (number of pairs/trials)6/54/66/3
   Delayed (number of pairs)245
Rey Auditory-Verbal Learning Test
 A5 (fifth)61111
 Delayed recall0510
Rey-Osterrieth Figure
 Delayed reproduction132210