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Case Report

Serum Cytokine Profile in a Patient Diagnosed with Dysferlinopathy

Table 1

Clinical characteristics of Proband (III:4) skeletal muscles.

Muscle nameMuscle strength
(MRC, score)
Intensity of atrophy

Deltoid4No atrophy observed
Biceps brachii4No atrophy observed
Triceps brachii5No atrophy observed
Pectoralis major4Severe atrophy of the middle portion of the right pectoralis major
Extensor digitorum5Normal volume
Flexor digitorum superficialis5Atrophy more pronounced in medial bundles
Flexor digitorum profundus4Atrophy of the ulnar portion in the lower third of the forearm (flexors of fingers V and IV) is more pronounced
Thenar group5No atrophy observed
Hypothenar group5No atrophy observed
Trapezius4No atrophy observed
Latissimus dorsi4No atrophy observed
Erector spinae4No atrophy observed
Glutei4Moderate atrophy
Quadriceps femoris3.5Severe atrophy in the medial and lateral vastus muscles
Biceps femoris3.5Severe atrophy
Adductor major2.5Severe atrophy
Tractus iliotibialis (tensor fascie latae)3.5Moderate atrophy
Gastrocnemius medial/lateral1Severe atrophy
Soleus1Severe atrophy
Tibialis anterior2Moderate atrophy
Extensor digitorum longus3Moderate atrophy
Extensor digitorum brevis4Hypertrophy

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