Case Report

Weight-Loss Cognitive-Behavioural Treatment and Essential Amino Acid Supplementation in a Patient with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Obesity

Table 1

Body composition, resting energy expenditure variables, and laboratory results on the morning after overnight fasting.

Variable1st assessment during residential treatment2nd assessment at the end of outpatient treatment (1-year follow-up)

Fat-free mass percentage (%)44.8047.40
Fat-free mass (kg)43.8544.66
Fat mass percentage (%)54.752.0
Fat mass (kg)52.9148.47
Trunk fat percentage (%)57.0055.00
Neck femoral BMD (g/cm2)0.6550.681
Measured resting energy expenditure (mREE) (kcal/d)15891491
Respiratory quotient (RQ)0.740.82
Creatinine (mg/dl)0.100.10
Glucose (mg/dl)8790
Insulin (μU/ml)27.820
HOMA index5.974.64
Total cholesterol (mg/dl)184169
HDL cholesterol (mg/dl)4747
LDL cholesterol (mg/dl)121106
C-reactive protein (mg/dl)1.461.13
Fibrinogen (mg/dl)433413
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (mm/h)2924