Table 1: Summary of the studies.

Author (Year)Sample size (n)Endovascular modalityComorbidityOutcome

Paschalis-Purtak et al. [15]3 coil embolization4 hypertensionNo complications
1 stenting of renal artery
1 coil embolization of arteriovenous fistula
Ikeda et al. [16]Coil embolization in all 7 patients with additional stent graft in 1 patient4 Hypertension
3 rheumatoid arthritis
2/7, 29% patients developed renal infarcts due to migration of the coils into native renal artery
Mannien et al. [13]Stent-assisted coil embolizationNAA small peripheral subsegmental renal infarction necessitating no therapy was registered in one patient
Hislop et al. [17]NA1.1% in-hospital mortality and periprocedural bleeding in 8.8%, renal complications in 2.2%
Morita et al. [12]Coil embolization in both casesMarfan syndrome (), neurofibromatosis (), syphillis (), living kidney donor ()No complications
Abdel-Kerim et al. [18]5 coil embolization3 hypertensionAneurysm reexpansion in 1/8 patient, treated with covered stent
Renal infarction with <25% parenchymal loss in 4/8 patients
2 stent grafts
1 trunk artery occlusion
Zhang et al. [19]7 coil embolizationNA3/9 (33%) postembolization syndrome
2/9 (22%), partial renal infarct with no loss of renal function
1 stent graft
1 both
Tsilimparis et al. [20]19 coil embolization
4 stent grafts
NARenal impairment (30% reduction in glomerular filtration rate) reported in 9.1%
Li et al. [21]5 coil embolization
1 trunk artery occlusion
NAIschemic parenchymal loss in trunk artery occlusion
Buck et al. [22]NANA1.8% in-hospital mortality
10.5% total complication rate including cardiac 2.2% and peripheral vascular 0.6%