Case Reports in Nephrology / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Case Report

Rhabdomyolysis Induced by Coadministration of Fusidic Acid and Atorvastatin: A Case Report and Comprehensive Review of the Literature

Table 2

Summary of the published case reports highlighting the discussed drug-drug interaction.

AuthorsStatinFusidic acid in therapeutic dosageIndication for fusidic acid administrationOutcome

Bachoumas et al. [10]PravastatinMSSA positive abscess of the tibial plateDeath

Wenisch et al. [11]AtorvastatinS. aureus and E. coli-infected gangrenous foot lesionDischarged home with restored mobility

Gabignon et al. [12]AtorvastatinMSSA positive hip prosthetic joint infectionDischarged home with restored mobility

Nandy and Gaïni [13]AtorvastatinInfected aortic aneurysm, with involvement of the endovascular stent and para-aortic abscessesDischarged home with improved mobility

Cowan et al. [4]Atorvastatin/rosuvastatinMSSA positive hip prosthesisDeath

Burtenshaw et al. [14]SimvastatinIsolation of MRSA from aneurysmal sac after elective AAA repairDeath

Teckchandani et al. [5]AtorvastatinInfected hip prosthesisDischarged home with restored mobility

O’Mahony et al. [15]AtorvastatinNPDischarged home with restored mobility

Saeed and Azam [6]AtorvastatinPostarthroscopy MRSA right knee infectionDischarged home with improved mobility

NP: not provided.