Case Reports in Neurological Medicine / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Cerebellar Dysfunction in a Patient with HIV

Table 1

Shows the demographic and clinical findings, treatment, and outcome of JC virus granule cell neuronopathy reported in the literature.

AuthorAgeSexPrimary conditionLocation of lesionTreatmentOutcome

Hecht et al. [8]15MHyper IgM Type ICerebellar hemisphere and vermisCidofovirNonambulatory
Wüthrich et al. [9]74MNon-small cell lung cancer on chemotherapyCerebellar hemispherePrednisoneDeceased 4.5 mos after diagnosis
Granot et al. [4]49FSarcoidosisLeft cerebellar hemisphereHAART therapyDeceased few weeks after diagnosis
Tan and Brew [3]42MHIVCerebellar hemisphereHAART therapy and MefloquineDeceased 2 years after diagnosis
Koralnik et al. [2]43FHIVCerebellar hemisphereHAART therapyDeceased 13 years after diagnosis
Dang et al. [7]25FHIVRight cerebellar hemisphereHAART therapy Deceased 4 mos after diagnosis
Dang et al. [7]34FHIVCerebellar hemisphereHAART therapy Lost in f/u 18 mos after diagnosis
Shang et al. [10]58FHIV and hyper-IgE syndromeBilateral middle cerebellar pedunclesHAART therapy Unchanged in examination after 10 wks