Case Report

Aseptic Meningitis Caused by Lassa Virus: Case Series Report

Table 1

Laboratory parameters for the 4 cases.

Laboratory parameterCase  1Case  2Case  3Case  4

CSF appearanceClearClearClearClear
CSF protein (mg/dL)47597822
CSF glucose (mg/dL)39272332
CSF WBC (× 109/L)
CSF lymphocyte count85%71%85%ND
Gram stainNo organism seenNo organism seenNo organism seenNo organism seen
CSF culture (bacteria)No growthNo growthNo growthNo growth
Random serum glucose (mg/dL)929212774
Serum Lassa RT-PCRPositivePositivePositivePositive
PCV (%)38382338
WBC (× 109/L)5.75.810.25.5
Platelet (× 109/L)NAAdequate294122
ESR (mm/hr)10020NA50
UrinalysisNADNADBlood and proteinBlood and protein
Alkaline phosphatase (IU/L)NANA3832
Total bilirubin (mg/dL)NANA0.80.5

NA: not available. NAD: no abnormality detected. ND: not done. WBC: white blood cell count: normal range: 3.4–9.06 × 109/L. Platelet count: normal range: 165–415 × 109/L. AST: aspartate aminotransferase: normal range: 12–38 IU/L. ALT: alanine aminotransferase: normal range: 7–41 IU/L. Alkaline phosphatase: normal range: 40–100 IU/L. ESR (mm/hr): erythrocyte sedimentation rate: normal range: 0–15 (male); 0–20 (female). CSF protein: normal range: 15–50 mg/dL. CSF glucose: normal range: 40–70 mg/dL. CSF cells: normal: ≤0.005 (all mononuclear) cells × 109/L.