Case Report

Evaluation of the Effect of Repeated Intravitreal Bevacizumab Injections on the Macular Microvasculature of a Diabetic Patient Using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography

Figure 3

OCTA of the SCP of the right (top row) and left (bottom row) maculae. At presentation, there were areas of capillary nonperfusion detected in the SCP of both eyes especially temporally (a and e). Following three months of no intervention in the right eye and three monthly intravitreal injections in the left eye, there was increased vascular density (VD) in the right eye (b) and decreased VD in the left (f). After four months of no interventions in either eye, there was no change in the VD in the right eye (c) and increased VD in the left (g). Finally, following three monthly intravitreal injections in both eyes, there was decreased VD in both eyes (d and h). Scan quality was 6/10 or higher in all images and there were no significant segmentation errors detected. Whole image vascular density (WIVD), as measured by the built-in machine software, is shown at each visit.