Case Reports in Ophthalmological Medicine / 2021 / Article / Tab 2

Case Series

Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease: A Case Series in a Tertiary Eye Center

Table 2

Clinical characteristics and management of the cases of VKH.

Case no.SexAge (years)Stage of presentationExtraocular manifestationPresenting VAFinal VAMedical treatmentSurgical treatment

1F54Acute uveitisNoneHM and HM6/12 and 6/18IV steroid, azathioprineCataract surgery
2F47Acute uveitisNone3/60 and 6/186/18 and 6/12Oral steroid, methotrexateCataract surgery
3M30Acute uveitisNoneHM and 1/606/6 and 6/9IV steroid, azathioprine, ATT
4F49Acute uveitisIntegumentary6/12 and 6/246/12 and 6/24Oral steroid
5F51Chronic recurrentNone6/9 and 6/126/18 and 6/18Oral steroid, methotrexate, ATT
6F45ConvalescentNeurological, integumentary, and auditory6/18 and 6/96/9 and 6/6Oral steroid, methotrexateCataract surgery, glaucoma filtration surgery

M: male; F: female; IV: intravenous; ATT: antitubercular treatment; HM: hand movement. Intravenous corticosteroid as a 500 mg injection of methylprednisolone, twice a day for 3 days. Oral corticosteroid as prednisolone tablet at a dose of 1 mg/kg. Azathioprine tablet at a dose of 1.5 mg/kg/day. Methotrexate tablet at a dose of 7.5 mg once a week along with 5 days of supplementary folic acid 5 mg a week after initial liver function testing.