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Case Report

An Unusual Case of Clear Cell Chondrosarcoma with Very Late Recurrence and Lung Metastases, 29 Years after Primary Surgery

Table 1

Summary of published studies on clear cell chondrosarcomas with more than five patients and clinical data.

StudyPatientsIntralesionally resected/local recurrenceTime of recurrenceWide resection/local recurrenceTime of recurrenceTime of metastasis (range)Number of lethal casesLocation of metastasisLongest survival after recurrenceLongest survival after metastasisLongest time to recurrenceLongest time to metastasis

Unni et al. 1976 [3]1644%/86%2.1 y (0.3 y–5 y)54%/none1 y (1 y–1.2 y)5/16Lung
7.3 y1.2 y5 y1.2 y

Le Charpentier et al. 1979 [5]520%/100%3 y80%/none2 y1/5Lung10 y2 y3 y2 y

Bjornsson et al. 1984 [2]4732%/86%Range 0.2 y–5 y52%/16%4 y (2 y–6 y)Range 2 y–12 y7/47Lung
13 y6 y6 y12 y

Ayoub et al. 1999 [6]650%/66%3.9 y (2.8 y–5 y)50%/33%19 y4.2 y19 y1 y

Itälä et al. 2005 [1]1644%/71%1.7 y (0.1 y–1.9 y)56%/none8.1 y (4–16.4 y)1/16Lung
5-year survival 50%8.4 y1.9 y16.4 y

Corradi et al. 2006 [42]633%/100%1.2 y (0.3 y–2 y)67%/none2.5 y (0.6 y–5 y)0/6Bone5.4 y4.8 y7.5 y9.7 y

Donati et al. 2008 [41]1828%/40%4.4 y (1.0 y–11 y)72%/17%Range 2.2 y–10 yRange 1 y–11 y0/18Bone
Soft tissue
5 y11 y10 y