Table 1: Rehabilitation course for the recovery of the calf muscle injury.

Sports activityPhysiotherapyInstrumental tests

Phase 1
(11 days)
Complete suspension of sports activity Passive: manual drainage and cryopressure therapy.
Double session daily
Compulsory use of crutches, ankle-foot-orthosis and compression stockings
MRI: 5 days after trauma
Ultrasound: daily

Phase 2
(24 days)
Bike (daily).
(alternate days)
Physical training in the gym (alternate days). Exercises without loading the injured calf
As in phase 1. Single session daily
2 times per week: diacutaneous fibrolysis (scar treatment)
MRI: 30 days after trauma
Ultrasound: at least 3 times per week

Phase 3
(21 days)
Work on site. Progressive loads. Sports specific technical reeducation from the 45th day after injuryAs in phase 2
Once per week: intratissue percutaneous electrolysis (scar treatment)
MRI: 60 days after trauma
Ultrasound: at least once per week