Case Report

A Case of Penicillin-Resistant Veillonella Prosthetic Joint Infection of the Knee

Table 3

Monomicrobial Veillonella prosthetic joint infections.

Case reportYearPJI siteSymptomsX-rayOrganismE test sensitivitiesSurgical Medical treatmentFollow-up evaluation

Marchandin et al. [9]2001KneePain & swelling functional incapacityProsthetic looseningVeillonella disparPenicillin (S) Amoxicillin/clavulanate (S) clindamycin (S)2-stage procedureAmoxicillin + rifampicin × 6 months6 months
Zaninetti-Schaerer et al. [8]2004HipPain & functional incapacityProsthetic looseningVeillonella sp.Not reportedRetained prosthesisCeftriaxone 3 wks, then ampicillin, followed by imipenem, for a total of 3 months; lifelong po clindamycinNot reported
Current2016KneePain & swelling functional incapacityNo prosthetic looseningVeillonella sp.Penicillin (R)2-stage procedureCeftriaxone 2 gm qd × 6 wks2 years

PJI: prosthetic joint infection, R: resistant, and S: sensitive.