Case Reports in Orthopedics / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Review and Long-Term Outcomes of Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction versus Conservative Treatment in Siblings with Congenital Anterior Cruciate Ligament Aplasia

Table 1

Bilateral clinical outcomes of both patients at their last follow-up.

Last follow-upCase Case
RightLeftRight Left

Modified Lysholm score53499191
Femoral axis5° valgus5° valgus
ROM F/E150/0/5°150/0/5°150/0/5°150/0/5°
Anterior drawer test (rolimeter mm)1218108
Lachmann testIIIIIIII
Pivot shiftposposnegneg
Posterior drawer testposnegnegneg
Varus instability 0° (mm)105<5<5
Valgus instability 0° (mm)55<5<5
Varus instability 30° (mm)155<5<5
Valgus instability 30° (mm)1515105