Case Reports in Orthopedics / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Lung Middle Lobe Laceration Needing Lobectomy as Complication of Nuss Bar Removal

Table 1

Complications after Nuss bar removal identified in the literature. The two cases of death were due to heart lesions.


Wound infection11
Pleural effusion22
Hemorrhagic complications17
Aortic hemorrhage11
Heart lesion11114
Intercostal artery lesion112
Sternal erosion11
Lung injury112
Bleeding on the bar tract22
Bleeding without identifiable source11

Note. In the 35 complications reported by Bilgi et al. and named here as “others,” they considered subcutaneous drain insertions () as a complication, and they also reported 6 chest tube insertions without mentioning any reason for that.