Table 1: Clinical characteristic of the patient preoperatively, at discharge, and postoperative 2nd year.

VariablesPreopDischargePostop 2nd year

Activity NPRS (right knee)522
Right knee RoM (degree)11892110
Functional scores
IAVS (sec.)101510
TUG (sec.)111810
HSS (right knee)746189
SF-12 Health Survey
SF-12 PCS28.328.447
SF-12 MCS4255.660

NPRS: Numeric Pain Rating Scale; RoM: range of motion; sec.: seconds; ILAS: Iowa Level of Assistance Scale; IAVS: Iowa Ambulation Velocity Scale; HSS: Hospital for Special Surgery; TUG: Timed Up and Go; SF-12 Health Survey: Short-Form 12 Health Survey; SF-12 PCS: SF-12 Physical Health Composite Score; SF-12 MCS: SF-12 Mental Health Composite Score.