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Case Series

Orthopedic Manifestations of Bruck Syndrome: A Case Series with Intermediate to Long-term Follow-Up

Table 1

Orthopedic aspects in Bruck syndrome.

0-28/30 days1-12 months1-3 years4-6 years7-12 years13-18 years

Case 1
Contractures ULElbows, wrists, fifth digitElbows, wrists, fifth digitElbows, wrists, fifth digitElbows, wrists, fifth digitElbows, wrists, fifth digitElbows, wrists, fifth digit
Contractures LLClubfeet, hips, knees bilateralHips, kneesHips, kneesHips, kneesHips, kneesHips, knees
Spine deformityNoneNoneNoneCervical kyphosisThoracolumbar kyphosisNone
UL fracture/deformityNoneNoneNoneNoneRight ulna fractureNone
LL fracture/deformityNoneNoneLeft femur and tibia (Rush rod)Bilateral femur (dual Rush rods)Left femur and tibia (Fassier-Duval)None
Case 2
Contractures ULShouldersNo changesNo changesNo changesNo changesNo changes
Contractures LLClubfeet bilateral
hips and knees
Hips, kneesNo changeNo changesNo changeNo changes
Spine deformityNoneNoneNoneMild scoliosisScoliosis, spondylolisthesis L5, lumbar hyperlordosisPosterior fusion
UL fracture/deformityNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneRight olecranon fracture
Right humeral shaft fracture (intramedullary nail)
LL fracture/deformityNoneNoneNoneNoneRight femur fracture (flexible nails)
Refractured—bent rod (renail)
Refracture (locking plate-intramedullary rod)
Left femur fractured (flexible nails)
Case 3
UL contractureNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
LLBilateral kneeBilateral knee flexion contractures 50°Bilateral kneeHips, kneesHips, kneesHips, knees
Spine deformityNoneVertebral, rib fracturesNoneNoneNoneNone
UL fracture/deformityNoneClavicle, radiusNoneNoneNoneNone
LL fracture/deformityNoneBilateral femur fracturesRight femoral fractureLeft femoral fracture, foot rotatedNoneNone
Case 4
Contractures ULLeft upperLeft upperNo changeNo changesNo changeNo changes
Contractures LLHips and kneesNo changeNo changeNo changesNo changeNo changes
Fractures and deformities
Spine deformityNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
UL fracture/deformityNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
LLRight femur fracture (cast)NoneNoneRight tibia fracture (cast)NoneNone

LCP, locking compression plate; LL, lower limb; OC, occiput; UL, upper limb.