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Case Report

Treatment of Atypical Fracture of the Ulnar Diaphysis by Open Reduction and Internal Fixation with Teriparatide

Table 1

Reports of atypical ulnar fractures.

AuthorsAge (y)SexAffected sideCause/traumaBisphosphonate historyTreatmentOutcomeRemarks

Moon et al. (2013)76FLeftNHTAlendronateInternal fixationUnion
78FLeftNHTAlendronateConservativeSome healing at 3 m
Stathopoulos et al. [3]76FRightNHTZoledronateInternal fixationUnion
Tang and Kumar [11]7FRightNHTAlendronateConservativeNonunion
Bjørgul and Reigstad [5]83FLeftCrutch useAlendronateInternal fixation with bone graftUnion
Ang et al. [6]84MBilateralWalking frame useAlendronateConservativeNS
Chiang et al. [9]77FRightWalking cane useAlendronateInternal fixationNonunion, managed with bone graft and refixation
Osada et al. [7]85FLeftLight fallAlendronateInternal fixation with bone graftUnion
Erdem et al. [10]62FRightWalking cane useAlendronateConservativeNonunion
Shimada et al. [12]79FRightNHTAlendronateInternal fixation with bone graftUnionTeriparatide+LIPUS
89FLeftLightly hit elbowRisedronateInternal fixation with bone graftUnionTeriparatide+LIPUS
Yam and Kwek [13]89FBilateralWalking frame use and fallAlendronateConservativeNon-union
Oh et al. [11]72FLeftLight fallAlendronateInternal fixationUnion
Present study78FLeftHoe use and fallAlendronateInternal fixationNonunion, managed with bone graft and refixationTeriparatide+LIPUS

LIPUS: low-intensity pulsed ultrasound; NHT: no history of trauma; NS: not stated.