Case Reports in Otolaryngology / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

A Case of Radiation-Induced Multifocal Laryngeal Angiosarcoma Presenting as a Diagnostic Dilemma

Table 1

Cases that fulfill diagnostic criteria for radiation-induced angiosarcoma of the larynx.

AuthorInitial primaryRTLatencyPre-op biopsyFinal pathologyRecurrence/multifocalitySurvival

Thomas 1979 [1]Vocal cord SCCA70 Gy11 yearsDysplasia with dilation of capillaries and lymphatics, no infiltrative growthSupraglottic
Yes, local recurrence,
no multifocal lesions, had pharyngocutaneous fistula
13 months s/p partial pharyngolaryngectomy, final pathology angiosarcoma

Miura et al. 2003 [2]Supraglottis SCCA, cervical TB68.4 Gy;
42 years
10 yearsInitial biopsy interpreted as SCCASupraglottic
Skin, breast and muscle3 years and six months after laryngectomy followed by excision and chemo for metastatic lesions

Current caseUnknown primary SCCA59.4 Gy20 yearsInitial biopsy inconclusive × 3, 4th biopsy angiosarcomaSupraglottic
Yes, 2 foci epiglottis and base of tongue,
yeast recurrence
2 years after narrow-field laryngectomy