Case Reports in Otolaryngology / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Case Report

A Case of Radiation-Induced Multifocal Laryngeal Angiosarcoma Presenting as a Diagnostic Dilemma

Table 2

Radiation-associated angiosarcoma of the larynx.

AuthorAngiosarcoma siteInitial primaryRTLatency

Laskin et al. 1988 [3, #212]LarynxLarynx SCCA68 Gy3 years
Loos et al. 2001 [4, #11] SupraglottisBreast Ca, cervical lymph nodes66 Gy7 months
Loos et al. 2001 [4, #11]SupraglottisUnknown primaryUnknown dose10 years