Case Reports in Otolaryngology / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

Postauricular Leiomyosarcoma: A Case Report and Literature Review

Table 1

Summary of previously reported cases of leiomyosarcoma involving ear/temporal bone.

Sl no.YearAuthorPatient detailsSiteTreatment modalitiesFollow-up period

11964Charlton [1]69 yr/FRight external auditory canalWide excisionNA
21991Rasp et al. [3]45 yr/MRight EACSurgical removalNA
31994Zbaren and Ruchti [4]71 yr/F Extensive lesion of middle ear and temporal bonePalliative chemotherapyDied after 6 months due to disease progression
41995Nilles et al. [5]74 yrTemporal boneSurgical removalNA
51998Karasen [6]68 yr/MLeft auricleRadical resection of auricle1 yr NAD
62003 Pai et al. [7]79 yr/MLeft auriclePartial auriculectomyNA
72004 ztürk et al. [2]46 yr/MPostauricular regionWide excision with 3 cm margin26 months NAD
82007 Annest et al. [8]68 yr/MLeft EarWide excision6 months NAD
92010Mehta et al. [9]78 yr/MRight auricleSurgery + radiotherapy2 yr followup, death due to metastasis
102011Ursick and Linthicum [10]60 yr/FLeft temporal boneAutopsy histopathology