Case Report

Agenesis of Submandibular Glands: A Report of Two Cases with Review of Literature

Table 1

A literature review of the case reports with absence of the submandibular gland.

LiteraturePatientPresenting symptoms The way of diagnosesFindings

Park et al. [1] 2013A 56-year-old womanA palpable mass in the left submandibular areaMRI and USThe right SMG was absent and replaced with fatty tissue

Yilmaz et al. [2] 2002A 32-year-old womanPain and tenderness in the left submandibular region and the angle of the mandibleCT, US, and sialographyAbsence of the right SMG and a slightly enlarged left SMG

Roh [4] 2006A 67-year-old manHoarseness for 10 monthsCT scan of the neckAbsence of the right SMG

Mathison and Hudgins [5] 2008A 34-year-old femaleStage IIIA nodular sclerosing Hodgkin lymphoma, in the routine control examinationA CT scan of the neck with contrastAplasia of bilateral SMGs and moderate enlargement of bilateral SLG

Srinivasan et al. [6] 2006A 35-year-old woman Facial pressure and rhinorrheaCT scan of the paranasal sinuses Absence of the right SMG, with a “mass” in the right sublingual space in the expected location of the right SLG

Kubo et al. [9] 1990A 34-year-old malePain radiating from his right mandibular body to the temporal regionCT was undertaken to examine his cerebral status Absence of the right SMG

Fracaro et al. [10] 2002A 13-year-old femaleSevere progressive dental caries and enamel demineralization of the permanent mandibular incisor teeth Scintigraphy with technetium-99m pertechnetateAbsence of bilateral SMGs

Gallego et al. [11] 2009A 35-year-old womanDry lips and mouth, difficulty with swallowing solid foods, changes in taste, and occasional angular cheilitis over the previous four years CTComplete aplasia of the right SMG with compensatory hypertrophy of other mayor salivary glands

Koo et al. [12] 2009A 48-year-old woman andCervical lymphadenopathy.CTThe left SMG was absent and the area was replaced by fat
a 42-year-old womanPalpable mass in the floor of the mouthCTThe right SMG was absent and the area was replaced by fat

Gupta et al. [13] 2009A 35-year-old woman and
a 7-year-old boy
Prominent posterior cervical lymphadenopathy
Symptoms consistent with viral illness
CT and MRIBoth patients were noted to have unilateral aplasia of the right SMG and hypertrophy of the opposite gland

Damar et al. [14] 2013A 55-year-old femaleMyogenic pain radiating from the left shoulder to the left neck and hoarsenessUSUnilateral aplasia of the left SMG

Yerli [15] 2014A 19-year-old womanA mass in left submandibular areaUSAplasia of the left SMG and compensatory hypertrophy of the left SLG

Aiyappan et al. [16] 2010A 60-year-old womanSymptoms of sudden-onset left-sided hemiplegia Nonenhanced CT examinationAbsence of the left SMG and few small lymph nodes were seen in the left submandibular triangle

Haktanir [17] 2012A 13-year-old girlBilateral submandibular masses pronounced with swallowingUS and CTBilateral absence of SMG and compensatory hypertrophy of the bilateral SLG

Ahmed et al. [18] 2009A 62-year-old maleLeft submandibular massCTBilateral absence of SMG and bilateral hypertrophied sublingual salivary tissue

Reija et al. [19] 2013A 41-year-old womanIntermittent bilateral submandibular swelling and xerostomiaUS and MRIBilateral and symmetrical hypertrophy of both
SLGs with bilateral absence of the SMGs

Shipchandler and Lorenz [20] 2008A 60-year-old maleAfter resection of tumor of tongue fullness in the right submandibular regionCTAplasia of the left SMG with contralateral gland hypertrophy

Yilmaz et al. [21] 2010A 41-year-old womanDry lips and mouth, difficulty with swallowing solid foods, heartburn, and changes in taste, over the previous 5 yearsUS, CT, and MRIAbsence of the right submandibular
gland with compensatory hypertrophy of the ipsilateral SLG

CT: computerized tomography, MRI: magnetic resonance imaging, SMG: submandibular gland, SLG: sublingual gland, and US: ultrasound.