Case Report

A Rare Stapes Abnormality

Table 2

Reconstructive options for ossicular chain discontinuity (adapted from Bhatti and Bluestone [11], surgical atlas of paediatric otolaryngology pages 75–77).

Absent ossicle(s)Recommended reconstructive options

MalleusAutograft incus
Type II tympanoplasty

IncusAutograft cartilage
Incus prosthesis
Type III tympanoplasty

Stapes superstructureAutograft incus
Incus-stapes prosthesis

Malleus and incusAutograft cartilage
Type III tympanoplasty

Incus and stapes superstructureAutograft cartilage
Incus-stapes prosthesis

Malleus, incus, and stapes superstructureAutograft cartilage

PORP = partial ossicular replacement prosthesis; TORP = total ossicular replacement prosthesis.