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Case Report

Dermoid Cyst of the Pancreas: A Report of an Unusual Case and a Review of the Literature

Table 1

A presentation of the cases of dermoid cyst of the pancreas found in the literature.


Kerr AA191855F Head/bodyGastritis? Dyspepsia?Marsupialization+ (after 2 months) resection
Dennis WA192333FHead Pain and palpable massMarsupialization
Decourcy JL19432FBodyEmesis, vomitingEnucleation
Iovchec II19728MBodyEmesis and painDrainage
Pomosov DV19736MTailPainSPG
Assawamatiyanont S197711F BodyAbdominal massEnucleation
Lazaro DaSilva A198421MBodyPainless mass and emesis, constipationResection after drainage
Mester M199025F HeadAbdominal painEnucleation
Jacobs JE199357F Bodypain and weight losingEnucleation
Markovsky V199353F Body Abdominal painEnucleation
Lacono C199326F HeadPain and feverDPC
Das PC19964 monthsF Body-tail Abdominal mass at palpationEnucleation
Lushpai VP1997
Fernandez-Cebrian JM199874M Body-tail Backache painSPG
Strasser G200244M HeadPain
Salimi J200421MHeadJaundice and weight lossEnucleation
Seki M200560F BodyİncidentalEnucleation
Seki M 200557M BodyİncidentalPM
Koomalsingh KJ200652M TailPainSPG
Rıvkıne E 200745F HeadAbdominal painResection
Tucci G200764M TailİncidentalPancreatectomy
Yoon WJ200857MHeadAbdominal pain
Zhang AY200867M Bodyİncidental Distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy
Scheele J201040M Head-body Upper abdominal pain Partial duodenopancreatectomy
Badıa AC201043F BodyEpigastric pain and emesisPartial cystectomy
Ameur B201164M HeadEpigastric painPartial cystectomy
Urata T201258MTail Epigastric and dorsal pain
Degrate 201261MUncinateAsymptomaticDPC
Lane201263M BodyLower abdominal painResection
Albayrak A201320F Head-bodyEpigastric painEnucleation

SPG: splenopancreatectomic gauche, DPC: duedunopancreatectomy cephalic, PM: pancreatectomy mediane, —: nonspecific.

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