Case Reports in Pediatrics / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

A Loading Dose of IV Salbutamol in an Adolescent with Severe Acute Asthma and Cardiac Arrest

Table 1

Vital parameters.

Arrival ambulance (T0)Arrival MMT (T10 minutes)Departure MMT (T40 minutes)Arrival ED (T60 minutes)

Work of breathingIncreased work of breathingIncreased work of breathingNormal
Oxygen saturation (%)74909599
Oxygen supply6 L/min 100%6 L/min 100%6 L/min 100%
HF (min)180150110100
Blood pressure (mmHg)160/100140/90130/80
Level of consciousnessAgitated
Not able to speak more than 1-2 words
Able to speak full sentences