Case Reports in Psychiatry / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Case Report

LPG Dependence after a Suicide Attempt

Table 1

Health parameters of patient and expected toxic consequences of inhalant abuse on these parameters.

Health parameters (reference range)Parameters of patientExpected toxic consequences of inhalant abuse

Complete blood count
 Red blood cell (4.3–5.7 × 106μL)5.04High red blood cell count
 White blood cell (4.5–11.0 × 103μL)7.41High hemoglobin level
 Platelet (150–450 × 103μL)307Aplastic anemia
 Hemoglobin (13.2–17.3 g/dL)15Leukemia
 Hematocrit (39–49%)44.2
Liver function tests
 Aspartate transaminase (<35 U/L)18High levels of transaminases
 Alanine transaminase (<45 U/L)24
 Gamma-glutamyl transferase (<55 U/L)31
 Total protein (6.4–8.3 g/dL)6.7
 Albumin (3.5–5.2 g/dL)4.5
Kidney function tests
 Urea (10–50 mg/dL)31High levels of kidney function tests
 Uric acid (3.5–7.2 mg/dL)4.9Nephritis
 Creatinine (0.7–1.3 mg/dL)0.93Nephrosis
Tubular necrosis
Cranial and cranial diffusion MRI*Normal MRI findings, right maxillary sinus retention cystWhite matter degeneration
Abnormalities in thalamus, basal ganglia, pons, and cerebellum
Neurocognitive tests (age and education adjusted reference scores)
 MMSE score** (>23)30Dementia
 Wechsler Memory Scale subtestsCognitive deficits on memory, attention, problem solving, learning, and visual-motor coordination
  Digit-span forward (>4,72 1,46)6
  Digit-span backward (>4,97 1,53)5
 Stroop test (max. 50 seconds) 21
 Verbal fluency test (40 12)40
Cardiologic evaluation
 Electrocardiography (ECG)Normal sinus rhythm with the heart rate of 89/minute Sudden sniffing death syndrome
Myocardial infarction
 Holter ECGRare ventricular and supraventricular extrasystoles
 EchocardiographyNormal echocardiographic findings

Magnetic resonance imaging. Mini Mental State Examination.