Table 1: Psychological assessmentresults for our patient with chronic schizophrenia on the PANSS, PSQI, BDI, digit span, and letter-number sequencing tests before and after acupuncture treatment and at follow-up.

TestBefore acupunctureAfter acupunctureAt follow-up

PANSS positive777
PANSS negative777
PANSS psychopathology383033
PANSS total524447
PSQI total9310
PSQI subjective sleep quality103
PSQI sleep latency312
PSQI sleep time010
PSQI sleep efficiency003
PSQI sleep disorders211
PSQI sleep medication300
PSQI daytime sleepiness001
PSQI subjective time to fall asleep in minutes60304.5
PSQI subjective sleep duration in hours10–126.57
Digit span71010
Letter-number sequencing267