Case Report

Serous Borderline Tumor in Transgender Female-to-Male Individuals: A Case Report of Androgen Receptor-Positive Ovarian Cancer

Figure 3

Macroscopic examination. Left ovary , on the surface with friable nodular pink lesion, . After opening, the ovary is replaced by a cystic formation, with translucent and filant content, with abundant lobulated nodules adhering to the inner surface, the largest with 1.5 cm in diameter, equally pink and friable. The cystic wall is thin and elastic (a). The contralateral annex () shows a 6 cm horn and a ovary, with a mostly pink and smooth surface, with an exophytic and lobulated lesion, with . It is also identified a cystic formation with 1 cm, with a vegetation with 0.9 cm, which encompasses most of the cystic lesion (b).