Case Series

Fish Bone Causing Perforation of the Intestine and Meckel’s Diverticulum

Table 1

Summarizes the presentation of all the cases.

Case no.123456

Sex and age29 M32 M48 M24 M45 M42 M
Clinical features
Pain duration1 day3 days1 day3 days4 days2 days
Localization of pain111111
CRP209814327Not done12
CT findingsCT not done
Thickened ileal loop011100
Fatty infiltration001110
Localized pneumoperitoneum000000
Peritoneal effusion000100
Calcified foreign body110100
Site of perforation (intraoperative)IleumIleumIleumIleumMeckel’sMeckel’s
Bowel resectionNoNoNoNoYesYes

DL: diagnostic laparoscopy; AO: open appendectomy; LA: laparoscopic appendectomy; retrospective; Yes: 1, No: 0.