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Case Report

Renal Mucormycosis: A Rare and Potentially Lethal Complication of Kidney Transplantation

Table 1

Cases of renal mucormycosis following kidney transplantation.

Case reportR/D ageR/D sexDonor typeDonor cause of deathRecipient diseaseTime to transplant nephrectomy (PT)Induction agentSystemic therapyGeographic locationSpeciationOutcome (PT)

S. Kuy et al.36/43M/FSCDIntracranial hemorrhageHemolytic uremic syndrome11 daysThymoglobulin, Solu MedrolAmphotericin BUSRhizomucor Survived
S. Kuy et al.54/61M/FDCD ECDStrokeDiabetes mellitus, hypertension13 monthsThymoglobulin, Solu MedrolAmphotericin BUSRhizomucor Survived
Alexander et al. [9]61/17M/FDCDMVC, drowning 9 daysThymoglobulin, Solu MedrolAmphotericin BUSApophysomyces elegans Died
(12 days)
Alexander et al. [9]31/17F/FDCDMVC, drowning 10 daysThymoglobulin, Solu MedrolAmphotericin BUSApophysomyces elegans Survived
Mitwalli et al. [10]18/—F/—LURD Polycystic kidney disease1 month Amphotericin B India Survived
Nampoory et al. [11]59/—F/—LURD 1 month Kuwait Died
(3 months)
Stas et al. [12]51/—M/—LURD Henoch-Schonlein nephritis2.5 months IndiaAbsidia corymbifera Survived
Chkhotua et al. [13]42/—M/—LURD Glomerulonephritis1.5 months EgyptMucorales Died
(1.5 months)
Nalmas et al. [14]62M/—LURD 3 weeks PakistanMucor speciesSurvived
Armaly et al. [15]42/—M/—LURD Poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis1 month Egypt Died
(1.5 months)
Armaly et al. [15]52/—F/—LURD Diabetes mellitus1 month Egypt Survived
Godara et al. [16]42/—M/—1 monthAmphotericin BIndia Died
(1 month)
Sajiv et al. [17]14/—M/— Congenital UPJ obstruction3 monthsMethylprednisolone, OKT3Amphotericin B, FluconazoleIndiaMucor speciesDied
(few days)
Tayyebi et al. [18]31/—M/—DCD UPJ obstruction2 months IranMucor speciesSurvived
Tayyebi et al. [18]58/—F/—LURD Polycystic kidney disease9 months IranMucor speciesSurvived
Tomazic et al. [19]56/28M/MLURD 2 monthsTacrolimus and Methylprednisolone IndiaMucor speciesDied
(2 months)
Minz et al. [20]52/—M/—LURD Chronic glomerulonephritis8 daysCyclosporin, azathioprine, prednisolone, Basiliximab IndiaMucor speciesDied
(8 days)
Ahmad [21]49/—M/MLRRDLRRDChronic glomerulonephritis18 monthsCyclosporine, Prednisone, methylprednisolone, ATG IndiaMucor speciesDied

R: recipient; D: donor; M: male, F: female; —: no data available; PT: after transplant; SCD: standard criteria donor; ECD: extended criteria donor, DCD: donor after cardiac death; LURD: living unrelated donor; MVC: motor vehicle crash; yrs: years old; UPJ: ureteropelvic junction; US: United States; ATG: antithymocyte globulin.

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