Table 1: Summary of existing publications on mucormycosis in renal transplant recipients.

ReferenceNumber of patients Organ

Fisher et al., 19801Skin (1)AmpB, surgery1/1 (100)
Nampoory et al., 19962Lungs (1); allograft (1)AmpB, fluconazole
Bakshi and Volk, 20011Lungs (1)AmpB0/1 (0)
Godara et al., 201116Rhino (9); lungs (5); allograft (1); disseminated (1)AmpB, surgery6/16 (37.5)
Zhao et al., 20121Cutaneous (1)AmpB, surgery0/1 (0)
Hatahet et al., 20131Disseminated (1)AmpB, Mica, surgery1/1 (100)
Stewart et al., 20141Lungs (1)Pos, AmpB, Mica, surgery0/1 (0)
Patel et al., 20141Lungs (1)Pos, caspofungin1/1 (100)
Santos et al., 20152Lungs (2)AmpB, surgery2/2 (100)
Kursun et al., 20151Rhino (1)AmpB, surgery
Palejwala et al., 20162Rhino (2)AmpB, Pos, mica, Isa, surgery2/2 100
Vaezi et al., 201620Rhino (9); lungs (5); cutaneous (3); disseminated (2) pseudoaneurysm (1)AmpB, Pos10/20 (50)