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Case Report

Successful Renal Transplantation after Presumed Cyanide Toxicity Treated with Hydroxocobalamin and Review of the Literature

Table 1

Donor demographics and organ parameters.

Donor 1Donor 2

Age (yrs)5857
Weight (kg)94.460.8
Cause of DeathAnoxiaAnoxia
MechanismHouse FireHouse Fire
Creatinine (mg/dL)
Biopsy at Procurement
 Glomerulosclerosis (%)01
 Tubular Fibrosis (%)1-101-10
 Vessel AtherosclerosisAbsentMild
 Oxalate CrystalsPositiveNegative
, HBV, HCV, HIVNegativeNegative
Increased RiskNegativePositive
Final Pump Parameters
 Pressure (mmHg)3535
 Flow (mL/min)13394
Organ LateralityRightRight

: Kidney Donor Profile Index.
: Nucleic Acid Testing.
: U.S. Public Health Service.