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Case Report

Metastatic Prostate Adenocarcinoma Posing as Urothelial Carcinoma of the Right Ureter: A Case Report and Literature Review

Table 1

Characteristics of relevant case reports published from January 2000 to November 2013.

AuthorYearCountryDetailed information of each case report
Age Chief complaintHydronephrosis*PSADREUreter metastasisΦTreatmentFollow-up

Jallad S2012UK76Right loin painRight (CT)NorNorHistology of right NU
GS grade (5 + 5)
Initial: right ureteroscopy
Secondary: open exploration and frozen section
Third: right NU
GnRHa injection&

Schneider S2012Germany74Right flank pain and LUTSRight (ultrasound and intravenous pyelography)52NGUreterorenoscopy with biopsy
GS grade (3 + 4)
Initial: LHRH-analogues
Secondary: ureterorenoscopy with biopsy
Third: nephrostomy
Fourth: LHRH analogues
+ zoledronic acid infusions once a month
Fifth:LHRH-analogues and antiandrogene
Died in ALF, which was due to liver metastasis with highly progressive disease

Chalasani V2010Canada68Right upper quadrant painRight (CT)96Enlarged, hard prostateHistology of right NU
GS grade (4 + 3)
Initial: ADT
Secondary: NU

Singh G2009Singapore70Episode of urinary retentionBilateral (CT)30NGHistology of tumor masses obstructing the ureteric orifices
GS grade (4 + 4)
Initial: TURP + bilateral orchidectomy
Secondary: insertion of bilateral double J stents
(successful at last)
Obstruction relieved and PSA decreased to 0.16 ug/L

Marzi M#2007 Italy6412-hour enuresisNo// Histology of whitish tissue in ureterInitial: ADT
Secondary: urgent right transcutaneous nephrostomy

Siddiqui E#2004Japan69//19.6/HistologyChemoendocrine therapyNG

Jung JY2000Korea64LUTS and gross hematuriaRight (excretory urography)40.9NGHistology of right NUInitial: bilateral
Secondary: TURP + right percutaneous nephrostomy
Third: right NU
Three months later, PSA had decreased to 1.3 ng/mL

‘‘Hydronephrosis’’ refers to ‘‘if there exists hydronephrosis? Which side? And which exam revealed?’’.
Φ‘‘Ureter metastasis’’ refers to ‘‘which examination indicates distant metastases of prostate adenocarcinoma to the ureter?’’.
NU: nephroureterectomy, PSA: prostate specific antigen, DRE: digital rectal examination, Nor: normal, ALF: acute liver failure, LUTS: lower urinary tract symptoms, ADT: androgen deprivation therapy, TURP: transurethral resection of the prostate, CT: computed tomography, GS: Gleason grade, GnRHa: gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue, and NG: not given.
&Four weeks later, both alkaline phosphatase and bone scan revealed widespread bony metastasis, and GnRHa injection was used.
# Only abstract available and only part of information displayed in the table.